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Analysis and Solution of Roots Vacuum Pump Overload Problem
- Feb 27, 2017 -

(1) the use of mechanical automatic bypass valve.

The bypass valve is installed on the bypass line between the outlet and the inlet of the Roots vacuum pump and the differential pressure between the valve control pump inlet and outlet does not exceed the rated value. When the differential pressure reaches the rated value, the valve is automatically opened by the pressure difference, so that the Roots pump outlet and the entrance of the same, so that the pressure between the inlet and the port quickly reduced, when the Roots pump in almost no pressure load. When the pressure difference is lower than the rated value, the valve automatically shut down, the gas through the Roots pump pumped by the former pump. The Roots pump with bypass relief valve can be started with the front pump at the same time, making the unit easy to operate.

(2) the use of hydraulic coupling

The use of hydraulic coupling can also prevent the pump overload phenomenon occurs, so that the pump can work under high pressure. The hydraulic coupling is mounted between the pump and the motor. In normal operation, the hydraulic coupling from the motor to the pump to pass the rated torque. The maximum pressure difference of the Roots pump is determined by the maximum torque transmitted by the hydraulic coupling, and the maximum torque that can be transferred by the hydraulic coupling is regulated by the amount of liquid. When the pump is working at high pressure or with the front pump at the same time, in the liquid coupling inside the speed difference that is sliding, only to pass a certain torque, the pump deceleration work. With the exhaust, gas load is reduced, Roots pump gradually accelerated to the rated speed.