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Characteristic Analysis and Application of Vacuum Pump Oil
- Feb 27, 2017 -

Very low vapor pressure

This is the most important performance of vacuum pump oil, because the vacuum pump requires a high degree of vacuum, generally with paraffin-based narrow fractions lubricants, for the diffusion of vacuum pumps, but also the use of low vapor pressure of silicone oil or other synthetic oil.

2. Suitable viscosity and good viscosity-temperature characteristics

Vacuum pump chamber volume changes and the formation of exhaust, the requirements of lubricating oil should have the appropriate viscosity and viscosity characteristics.

3. Good thermal oxidation stability

Vacuum pump to high-speed development, due to the high speed of the slider and the pump friction to increase the oil temperature, oil is easy to oxidative decomposition, especially diffusion pumps are often in a very high temperature environment, the system vapor pressure increased, Vacuum is reduced, so the vacuum pump oil is required to have good thermal oxidation stability.