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Magnetic pump with different structural forms and configuration options
- Feb 27, 2017 -
Magnetic pump has been widely used in a variety of liquid chemical transport, as a production enterprise, in what structure, configuration to produce magnetic pump products, different structure and configuration, will give customers a different use effect.

The first aspect is the pump structure, as a delivery of chemical media magnetic pump products, product design, the first should be considered is the pump reliability, safety, life and other major elements. These main elements are related to whether a pump can be maintained for a long time without maintenance and less maintenance, as well as to the user to bring the cost of consumption, spare parts and can not see the environment, security problems. Therefore, the need to design and manufacture a magnetic pump, in different temperature, under pressure, load conditions, to ensure the stability of the size of the components, in order to achieve long-term operation of the pump without failure, which is a product designer should have ideas and idea. Should not reduce the weight of products and product quality, to achieve lower product costs, low-cost, low-cost magnetic pump, delivered to the user to use.