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Plate and frame filter with a diaphragm how to choose
- Feb 27, 2017 -

1, the installation of pressure on the pipeline with pressure instructions of the valve and small ball valve, easy to observe and adjust the diaphragm pump flow and pressure;

2, began to dehydration, the air pressure should be controlled at 2-3bar, when the water flow was significantly reduced, and then improve the air pressure, will get better dehydration effect;

3, the sludge quenching and tempering effect is good or bad, plays a decisive role;

Second, the use of diaphragm pumps shortcomings:

1, the pressure can not be improved by the gas pressure limit, 6bar to the upper limit;

2, noise and pipe vibration, in the air, especially obvious;

3, relative to the screw pump, diaphragm life is short, easy to damage;

4, due to diaphragm pump flow is usually not too large, most applications in small systems