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Vacuum drying and vacuum oven selection vacuum pump when the difference is noted
- Feb 27, 2017 -
The industry in the vacuum drying equipment selection, the vacuum pump is a very critical equipment, different materials can use different vacuum pump, because the general liquid more dry, so the use of water ring vacuum pump the most reasonable. There are a lot of people to vacuum drying and vacuum oven mixed, that is to achieve the effect of drying, in fact, vacuum drying and oven or some difference.

Vacuum dryer: the use of vacuum boiling water to reduce the working principle, by conduction heating to dry the material.

Oven: the use of hot air circulation heating, by convection, conduction heating to achieve drying effect.

For some materials, both devices can be dried. But for some materials can only use vacuum dryer, or can only use the oven.

Such as: heat-sensitive materials, or need to recover the solvent, the use of vacuum dryer.