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Vacuum pump manufacturing in the next few years will continue to grow rapidly
- Feb 27, 2017 -

Driven by the rapid development of macroeconomic, experts predict that the next five years, China's pump manufacturing industry will continue to increase year by year the pace of development, the average annual growth rate will be as high as 25%.

At present, China's petrochemical industry is moving in the direction of large-scale, large-scale and international development, the next five years will continue to maintain sustainable development. Domestic dozens of sets of 10 million tons of oil refineries and million tons of ethylene plant will be new and expansion, for the petrochemical pump demand opened up a broad market. In addition, the current domestic refinery operation of various types of pumps have been aging, urgent need to update and transformation.

The next five years the development direction of China's petrochemical pump is large-scale, high-speed, mechanical and electrical integration, and product sets, standardization, serialization and generalization. In particular, high temperature pumps, cryogenic pumps and ultra-low temperature pumps, precision metering pumps, corrosion-resistant pumps, conveying viscous media and solid particulate media pumps, shielding pump production technology will be rapid development, demand will be greatly increased.