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What are the applications of vacuum pumps?
- Feb 27, 2017 -
Pharmaceutical and chemical (vacuum polymerization, decomposition, distillation, purification, crystallization, drying) human and chemical relations are very close, in modern life, almost anytime, anywhere can not be separated from chemical products.

Medicine, pesticide, synthetic dyes, organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, paints, fragrances and fragrances, cosmetics and toilet products, soap and synthetic detergents, surfactants, printing inks and their additives, adhesives, photographic materials, Materials, catalysts, reagents, water treatment agents and polymer flocculants, paper auxiliaries, leather auxiliaries, synthetic materials additives, textile dyes and finishing agents, food additives, feed additives, animal drugs, oilfield chemicals, petroleum additives And refining additives, cement additives, mineral flotation agent, casting chemicals, metal surface treatment agent, synthetic lubricants and lubricants additives, automotive chemicals, aromatic deodorant, industrial anti-bacterial fungicide, electronic Chemicals and materials, functional polymer materials, bio-chemical products and so need to use a vacuum. Huaxin South light according to customer requirements of different processes, select the appropriate vacuum pump and vacuum unit to the interests of customers.

Applicable products: vacuum unit, water ring vacuum pump series, slide valve vacuum pump series, reciprocating vacuum pump series.