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What are the basic principles of the Electricity Law? -ERG
- Aug 22, 2018 -

What are the basic principles of the Electricity Law? -ERG

A: The basic principles of the Electricity Law are: 

(1) The electric power industry should be properly advanced in accordance with the needs of national economic and social development.

(2) The State encourages domestic and foreign economic organizations and individuals to invest in the development of power sources, establish power generation enterprises, and implement the principle of who invests in income. 

(3) The principle that power facilities and electrical energy are protected by the state. 

(4) Power construction and power production must protect the principle of environmental pollution prevention and control according to law. 

(5) The State encourages and supports the principle of using renewable energy and clean energy to generate electricity. 

(6) The principle that the power enterprise implements its own operation according to law and is responsible for its own profits and losses and accepts supervision. 

(7) The principle of the state helping and supporting the development of electric power in ethnic minority areas, remote areas and poverty-stricken areas. 

(8) The state encourages the adoption of advanced technology and management methods to develop the principles of the electric power industry.


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