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What are the technical learning contents of the operating personnel? -ERG
- Aug 25, 2018 -

What are the technical learning contents of the operating personnel? -ERG

Answer: The technical learning contents of the operating personnel are as follows:

(1) Electrical safety work procedures, operational operation procedures, accident handling procedures, technical level standards, job specifications and related regulations. 

(2) Accidents, obstacles, compilation of equipment anomalies accumulated over the years, and anti-accident technical measures. 

(3) Weak links and anti-accident measures and countermeasures exposed during anti-accident exercises. (4) Construction, principle, parameters, performance, system arrangement and operation method of existing equipment and new equipment. 

(5) Safe and economic operation mode and advanced working methods. 

(6) Operation of equipment after maintenance or after operation and application of new technology. 

(7) The impact of seasonal changes on operating equipment and preventive measures. 

(8) Run professional theory or demonstration of operational skills. 

(9) The relevant part of the dispatching procedure.


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