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What is a Power Transformer and What Does it Do?
- May 22, 2017 -

What is a Power Transformer and What Does it Do?

SEPTEMBER 01, 2016


What is a Power Transformer?

<pWhat is a Power Transformer>A power transformer is a device commonly used in engineering that changes both the voltage and the current of the electricity flowing through it. It is made up of a coil wrapped around an electromagnet that transfers the electricity. Unlike distribution transformers, they are designed to operate at 100% efficiency (distribution transformers operate at a maximum efficiency of only 60-70%). Another main difference between distribution and power transformers is that power transformers are meant to handle high voltages, whereas distribution transformers are meant to handle lower ones. Power transformers transfer power to distribution transformers, so that the distribution transformers can provide small amounts of power to each and every home.

What Does a Power Transformer Do?

Using a process called electrical induction, a power transformer transforms the current and voltage of electricity running in it into a current and voltage that works for the specific system it’s helping to run. Although the frequency of the electricity remains the same, it is transmitted at a difference value for both the current and the voltage. Power work together with distribution transformers to regulate power in transmission networks, either increasing or decreasing voltage levels depending on the needs of the consumer.

Why Do I Care About Power Transformers?

Do you care about the light in your home? That you continue to have your food refrigerated, and that your family stays happy and healthy? Power transformers help to regulate power to your home, meaning they’re not only necessary, they’re an important part of the complicated process in which our society uses electricity. The power transformer receives huge amounts of electricity, at 115,000 or 46,000 volts, which is way too much to have in any one home. Think of the power transformer as the instrument that’s handling all of the power for your entire neighborhood. From there, the power transformer distributes smaller amounts of electricity to the distribution transformer, and that transformer distributes that electricity to various homes, depending on their need. In that way, power transformers are kind of like the boss of distribution transformers: they provide all of the energy that the distribution transformers need to succeed.

What About Advanced Components Transformers?

Every Advanced Component transformer goes through UL, VDE, and CSA approval to ensure that they’re the highest quality. From these accreditations, we can easily determine that Advanced Components provides some of the highest grade custom transformers available today. They are commonly used across a number of engineering and electricity companies and are trusted in the industry.

Know Where Your Electricity Comes From

We all benefit from electricity, but how much of us actually understand where it comes from? Power transformers work together with distribution transformers to provide the electricity that you and I enjoy using every single day. Without your local power transformer routing current, your entire neighborhood could lose power. Transformers keep us up and online, powering the world by regulating energy through the power companies to each and every one of us. They’re an important part of our everyday life. Everyone should know where their electricity comes from.