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What regulations should I follow when inspecting equipment? -ERG
- Aug 25, 2018 -

What regulations should I follow when inspecting equipment? -ERG

A: The rules to be observed when inspecting equipment are as follows: 

(1) No other work can be carried out, and the fence must not be removed or crossed. 

(2) When thunderstorms need to inspect outdoor equipment, they should wear insulated boots and should not be close to lightning rods and arresters. 

(3) When the high-voltage equipment is grounded, the indoors shall not be within 4m of the fault point, and the outdoor shall not be within 8m of the fault point. Personnel entering the above range must wear the insulated boots. Wear insulated gloves when touching the equipment casing or frame. 

(4) After patrolling the high pressure room, the door must be locked. 

(5) Special weather increase special tour.


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