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11, Power Transformer Factory Test-ERG
- May 25, 2018 -

11, power transformer factory test-ERG

Power transformer factory test is divided into routine (factory) test, type test and special test three types. Routine test is a test item that every transformer factory must carry out, usually also called factory test; Type test is a test item that takes 1~2 transformers to measure in a type of product; special test is put forward by the user. , and agreed with the manufacturer of the test project.

1. Basic requirements and regulations for high-voltage insulation tests

Transformer windings are tested according to the maximum operating voltage Um and the corresponding insulation level. The following table shows the insulation test items specified in the National Standard GB1094.3-2003 "Power Transformers Part 3: Insulation Level, Insulation Test and External Insulation Air Clearance". .

2, routine (factory) test project

(1) Winding DC resistance measurement: Measurements made at all tapping terminals.

(2) Ratio measurement: Measure at all tap positions.

(3) Wiring group test: Test at the rated tap position.

(4) Measurement of Insulation Resistance, Absorption Ratio and Polarization Index: The transformer with 220 kV and above was used for polarization index measurement.

(5) Winding tan δ and capacitance test: For tandem δ 35kV and above transformers, tan δ must be measured. .

(6) Sleeve tan δ and capacitance test: tan δ and capacitance test should be performed on capacitive bushings of 66 kV and above

(7) Tests for transformer oil: Oil analysis, insulation strength, tan δ, chromatographic analysis, etc. The 750 kV and above transformers were also tested for oil particle size. Moreover, the oil analysis and the chromatographic analysis of the oil are repeated throughout the test.

(8) No-load loss and no-load current measurement: The test is conducted under rated voltage wiring.

(9) Load loss and short-circuit impedance measurement: Tested under rated voltage wiring.

(10) Partial discharge test: The amount of discharge is not used as an assessment, but only as a reference for whether high voltage tests can be performed.

(11) Lightning full-wave impact test: 220kV and above, 120MVA and above transformers.

(12) Operational impact test: 330 kV and above transformers.

(13) Induced withstanding voltage test with partial discharge measurement: 110kV and above transformer.

(14) External construction frequency withstand voltage test of low voltage winding and neutral point.

(15) Partial Discharge Test: This test is an assessment test as a factory test value.

(16) Oil flow electrification measurement: 330kV and above transformer with oil pump.

(17) Partial discharge test of rotating oil pump: 330kV and above transformer with oil pump.

2, type test project

(1) Temperature rise test.

(2) Lightning cuts have been tested.

(3) Neutral lightning full-wave impact test.

(4) Radio interference test

3, special test items

(1) Sound level measurement.

(2) Zero-sequence impedance measurement of three-phase transformers.

(3) Harmonic measurement of no-load current.

(4) Measurement of power absorbed by fan motor and oil pump motor.

(5) Measurement of transient voltage transmission characteristics.

(6) withstand short-circuit capability test.

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