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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Dry - Type Transformers And Oil - Immersed Transformers
- Feb 27, 2017 -

Of course the same is the power transformer, there will be a magnetic circuit for the core, as the circuit winding. The biggest difference is in the" oil "and" dry. "That is different between the two different cooling medium, The former is the transformer oil (of course, there are other oil such as β oil) as a cooling and insulation medium, which is the air or other gases such as SF6 as a cooling medium. Oil change is the core and the composition of the body In a tank filled with transformer oil. Dry change often the core and winding with epoxy resin pouring up, there is also a much more is now used in non-encapsulated, winding with a special insulating paper and then impregnated with special Insulation paint, etc., to prevent the winding or core damp. (Also because the two because of the process, use, structure of the classification of different derived from different categories, so we from a narrow sense)

In terms of production and dosage, the current dry voltage rating is only 35kV, the capacity is relatively small relative to the oil change, about 2500kVA. And because the dry manufacturing process relative to the same voltage level with the capacity of the oil change is complicated , The cost is high. So the current amount from the oil or more. But because of dry environmental protection, fire resistance, impact, and so on, and commonly used in indoor high demand for power distribution sites, such as hotels, office buildings, high-rise buildings and so on. If you just transformer users, understand that these should be enough "

Each have their own advantages and disadvantages, oil variable low cost, easy maintenance, but flammable, explosive. Dry change due to good fire resistance, can be installed in the load center area to reduce the voltage loss and power loss. But the dry price is high, bulky, moisture-proof and poor dust, and noise.