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Classification And Model Of Power Transformer-ERG
- May 14, 2018 -

Classification and model of power transformer.

1. Classification by use.

(1) booster transformer: the power plant transfers electricity to the outside.

(2) step-down transformer: the transformer substation of the power supply bureau is used as the transformation voltage.

(3) distribution transformer: power supply to users.

(4) transformer for plant: provide internal electricity for power plant.

(5) station transformer: provide internal electricity for substation.

(6) converter transformer: dc power transmission, one side of ac and one side of the converter valve.

(7) rectifying transformer: power plant gives power to electric dust.

2. Classification by winding.

(1) double winding transformer: used for pressure change, step-down change, factory change, etc.

(2) three-winding transformer: used for reducing voltage, contacting, etc.

(3) from the lotus root transformer: used for reducing pressure, contact change, etc.

(4) split transformer: there are two types of axial division and radial division, used for plant transformation and redevelopment.

3. Classification by structure.

(1) single-phase transformer: for 330~1000kV transformer.

(2) three-phase transformer: for 10~500kV transformer.

(3) combined-type transformer: the transformer is divided into several parts, and then the transformer is put together after the scene to be used for transportation inconvenience.

4. Classification by cooling mode.

(1) oil-immersed transformer: used for 10~1000kV transformer.

(2) dry type transformer: for 10~110kV transformer.

3) SF6 transformer: currently used for 110kV transformer.

5. Model of power transformer.

(1) the meaning of the letter in the model.

D - single phase F - oil immersed air cooled.

O - from P - forced oil circulation.

S - three - phase or three coil J - oil immersed self - cooled.

Z - has load regulating L - aluminum coil.

* the copper wire coil and the double coil are not marked.

(2) examples

SFPSL - 120000/110:110kV, 120MVA three-phase three-phase coil forced oil circulating air-cooled aluminum coil transformer.

OSFPSZ - 240000/330:330kV, 240MVA three-phase three coils have load regulating forced oil circulating air cooled from the lotus root transformer.