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Erg High Smart Oil Flow Indicator
- May 08, 2017 -

 Product Usage

Oil flow relay (hereinafter referred to as the relay) is the device to indicate oil flow variation in the forced oil circulation cooling system of transformer. It is used to monitor the oil pump operation in the forced oil cooling system, whether oil pump rotation is correct, the valve is turned on, the pipeline is clogged, etc. When the oil flow reaches the motion oil flow or reduces to the return oil flow, the relay will send an alarm signal. The product is the most advanced after improvement in the domestic and has obtained the national patent with patent number: 02260487.1.

Product Characteristics

Pointer adopts quakeproof structure;

Passive device of driven pointer is impossible to get stuck;

Drive shaft and the driven shaft are supported with bearings, move flexible, impossible to get stuck;

Micro-switch contacts are produced by rotating plate with high reliability;

The length of the support bearing surface under the slurcocks is equal to that of tube connector of oil flow relay, and enhanced the strength of the shaft. 


Use Conditions

Ambient temperature: -30 ~ + 40 ;

Relative humidity: When the air temperature is + 25 , relative humidity shall be less than 90%;

Oil temperature is not higher than 90 ;

No severe vibration and bumps around the place;

Oil flow parameters and relay parameters (ie, operating characteristics) of transformer cooling system should be consistent.



Common Specifications and Technical Parameters


Nominal diameter of tube connector(mm)

Rated operating oil flow(m³/h)

Motion oil flow

Return oil flow

Contact capacity

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