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How To Maintain And Repair The Transformer?-Zhejiang ERG Joint Stock Co,. Ltd.
- Apr 23, 2018 -

How to maintain and repair the transformer?-Zhejiang ERG Joint Stock Co,. Ltd. 

Transformer maintenance is to ensure the normal and safe operation of the transformer after maintenance. The power is safe and stable. The maintenance of the transformer is in operation or outage once a year. The transformer to be put into operation is checked and maintained before being put into operation.

Before maintenance of the transformer, put a spare transformer, disconnect the circuit breaker on the low-voltage side of the transformer, remove the control insurance for holding the power supply, disconnect the breaker on the high-voltage side of the transformer when servicing the transformer, close the earthing switch, and fully discharge the transformer. Afterwards, lock the high-voltage cabinet and hang the “stop closing” sign at the switch handle. For dry-type transformer maintenance, first carefully clean the porcelain casing and casing, and then check the shell, gasket for cracks, and discharge marks. Whether there is aging of the rubber pad or whether the cable and the busbar are deformed or not, timely updating and renewing, checking whether the contact surface of the busbar is kept clean, and removing the oxide layer on the contact surface and coating it with electric composite grease.

Transformer repair and maintenance to check the transformer grounding is good, the ground is corrupt, serious corruption should be exchanged; fastening lead terminals, pins, grounding screw, connecting bus screw; maintenance must be clean around the transformer and accessories The dust, check the firefighting facilities and ventilation system is good. Cooling fan has no problem, whether the temperature controller is bad, disconnect the high voltage side of the grounding switch, and lock the high voltage switch thrift, with 2500V megger to measure the insulation resistance. Comparing with the value measured before delivery of the transformer, the insulation resistance should not be less than 70% of the original data at the time of shipment. If the target is not met, report the disposal immediately. Close the grounding switch on the high-voltage side again and allow the transformer to discharge. Check the transformer room and the transformer. Whether there are any legacy tools and evacuation sites, electricians have made detailed records of transformer maintenance trial operations.

The main causes of maintenance and repair of distribution transformers can be divided into two kinds: external factors and internal factors. External mainly refers to failures caused by external power distribution transformers, common lightning-induced faults, transmission and distribution short-circuit faults, Faults caused by long-term overload operation and faults caused by long-term overvoltage. The internal factors mainly refer to failures caused by materials, process design, etc. In addition, the failure caused by the quality problems of the accessories of the distribution voltage transformer is also a major factor causing the failure of the distribution transformer. The parts of the distribution transformers here mainly include gas relays. Load tap changer, pressure release and thermometer.

When the distribution transformer is in operation, due to the effect of alternating current, it will drive the equipment to generate vibration, and it will emit a sound with natural frequency and a certain regularity. This kind of sound is like a piece of music and has its unique tone and rhythm. When an electrical transformer fails, some faults will be reflected in the operating sound. An excellent distribution transformer maintenance worker is like a band conductor. It can determine whether the distribution transformer is operating normally through the strength of the transformer voice, the level of the rhythm, the change of the tone, the volume of the volume, and whether there is noise or not. Failure, and further judge the cause of the failure.

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