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Instructions For Use Of Oil - Immersed Submersible Pumps
- Feb 27, 2017 -

1, oil-immersed submersible pump in the provisions of the flow and the use of the scope of the head, otherwise it may lead to motor overload, serious will burn the motor.

2, should always check the pump insulation resistance, if the measured cold pump insulation resistance is less than 5 megohm, you should identify the cause and take measures to improve the insulation resistance of the pump to make it more than 5 megohms Use, before using the need to check the cable connection is correct, the contact at the wiring is good, if the contact is bad, can cause the line and the motor heat, or even damage the motor.

3, prohibit the influx of barefoot push knife switch, dial button, then the cable or the joints placed in a place where there is water.

4, the pump installed, should be set in the annex "to prevent electric shock," the obvious signs, the pump running, away from the pump within 30 meters radius, is strictly prohibited to wash hands or people, animal water, just in case of electric shock accident, If it is unavoidable, the pump must be fitted with a leakage protection switch.