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Knowledge Of The Development Of Transformer Oil Pump Products
- Sep 27, 2017 -

At present, there are a large number of supporting the use of axial air gap (disc motor) motor-driven disc transformer oil pump (this pump is suitable for low-speed 1000 r / min), due to the strong axial force of the disk pump, Such problems will become more prominent. Therefore, the key is good, professional manufacturing quality and operation and maintenance. Can not because of some quality problems, on the whole negative.

Disc-type pump in the maintenance of maintenance and replacement of the work of the bearing has a certain degree of difficulty, especially for the use of double thrust bearing disc pump, the field maintenance adjustment bearing clearance process is very difficult. The gap is large, the current is high; the gap is small, the effect is poor, and long-term operation does not carry out regular maintenance of the disc pump is very dangerous, has caused the operation of the transformer oil flow abnormal oil, oil temperature, Flow relay jitter and many other issues. For the disc-specific structural defects of large-scale transformer accident problems, it should cause enough attention.

At present, the chip heatsink cooling system supporting the size and capacity of the transformer bigger and bigger. losedw5 As the chip side radiator "surface volume ratio" is larger, and the effective cooling area in the self-cooling and air-cooled "area ratio" smaller, supporting the scattered components of the self-cooling capacity can be designed. Some transformers with capacities below 40MVA can even cancel air-cooled (ONAF) and run from cold (ONAN).

Chip radiator, with its maintenance-free, auxiliary loss of small, low noise, low cost and other advantages, compared with the traditional strong oil cooler and strong oil cooler has obvious advantages. And supporting scattered pieces of transformer oil pump, you must first meet the low oil resistance, low head, high flow of such operating characteristics.

In China, the current transformer pump fault diagnosis technology is also very primitive, pump failure real-time monitoring technology or blank. Oil pump running state and the hidden trouble is unpredictable. Once the oil pump failure, the pump has to have to exit the operation of the state, then often due to electrical failure and mechanical failure to wear down a large number of metal particles, carbides, acetylene, etc. have entered the transformer inside.