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QY Oil Immersion Submersible Pump Model And Description
- Feb 27, 2017 -

QY oil-immersed submersible pump, also known as full-head submersible pump, which is composed of vertical induction motor and different materials, pump, pump structure, pump and motor coaxial straight. QY oil immersion submersible pump parameters are extensive, the flow up to 3m3 / h ~ 10000m3 / h, lift range between 3 to 380 meters. Excellent performance, excellent manufacturing technology, its characteristics: water pump and motor one, safe and reliable, efficient and excellent, easy to install, mobile more convenient, is the vast rural areas, industrial and mining enterprises, urban construction, construction, high water supply and water supply Equipment, especially for general mine underground drainage, urban high water supply, urban water company water and rural irrigation and drainage, the user according to the applicable conditions to choose the appropriate models and the corresponding control cabinet or manual integrated starter and other protection devices.