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Rules For The Sequence Of Stop And Transmission Of Transformers And Classification Of Transformer Working Status
- May 10, 2018 -

Rules for the sequence of stop and transmission of transformers and classification of transformer working status

1.1 Transformer power-off operation sequence

The sequence of the main transformer stop and power transmission is: when the power is cut off, the load side is firstly stopped, and then the power supply side is stopped; when the power is transmitted, the power supply side is firstly delivered and the load side is sent back. The reason is:

a. When there are multiple power supplies, power failure in the above order can prevent reverse charging of the transformer. If the power supply side is stopped first, failure may cause protection malfunction or refusal to move, prolong the time for removing the fault, and extend the power outage range.

b. Step by step power transmission from the power supply side, in case of failure, it is convenient to check the power transmission range.

c. When the load side bus voltage transformer is equipped with a low-frequency load shedding device and no current is blocked, the power supply is first stopped at the power supply side. The feedback of the large synchronous motor may cause the low frequency load shedding device to malfunction.

1.2 Transformer working status classification

After the operation of the transformer state of operation is divided into four states, namely, running state, hot standby state, cold standby state and maintenance state.

Operation status: The circuit breaker and isolation switch of the transformer are all in the working state of closing position;

Hot standby state: The transformer only disconnects the circuit breaker and the disconnector is still in the non-operating state of the closing position;

Cold Standby: Transformer circuit breakers and disconnectors are in non-operating state at the opening position.

Maintenance status: All circuit breakers and disconnectors of the transformer have been disconnected, and the non-operational state of safety technical measures such as installing the grounding line, hanging the nameplate, and setting temporary barriers has been completed.

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