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The Coil Of Power Transformer-ERG
- May 15, 2018 -

The coil of power transformer

The coil is the most important and complex part of a power transformer. It is made of copper (or aluminum) wire and is made up of special insulating parts.

1. Spiral coil.

The main characteristic of helical coil is that the number of the parallel wires is more than that of the wire, and the wire cake is wound into a spiral shape, and a wire cake is a coil of one turn. Helical coil has good mechanical stability, good heat dissipation technology, and widely used in transformer low voltage large current coil.

According to the current size, spiral coil can be wound into single spiral, double helix and four helix.

2. Continuous coil.

When a coil is a coil consisting of a number of lines that are distributed along the axis and which are not welded to each other, the coil is called a continuous coil.

The end support of continuous coil is large, bearing large axial force, strong resistance to short circuit, and large heat dissipation capacity on each line segment. The coil is widely used in both voltage and capacity.

3. Entangled coil.

The entangled coil consists of a number of tangled segments (pies). All of the coils of the twisted segment (pancake) are called fully entangled coils and are widely used in transformers with voltage of 220kV and above. A coil consisting of a segment of a segment (pie) and a portion of a continuous line segment is called a tangled continuous coil, which is applied to a transformer with a voltage of 66kV or above.

Due to its adjacent turns in the coil inserted between the adjacent turns, formed the tangle of staggered segment and formed with coil, so that the coil of longitudinal capacitance increases, make the circle along the axial height of impulse voltage distribution characteristics to improve, so it has been widely applied on all kinds of high voltage coil.

4. Internal shielded coil.

The internal shielded continuous coil is designed to improve the impact voltage distribution by increasing the series capacitance between the line segments. Its structure characteristic is the additional capacitor turns directly around inside the continuous line, the line capacitance in line after the end of the turn, wrapped insulation impending, capacitance turns not load current, only work under impulse voltage.

The inner shield continuous coil has two parts, such as two segments, four spans, eight segments and segments.

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