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The Core Of Power Transformer-ERG
- May 16, 2018 -

The core of power transformer-ERG

The core is also an important component of the power transformer, which is made up of high permeability silicon steel plates and then tied with a steel clip or tied with a glass ribbon.

1. Silicon steel sheet.

The silicon steel sheet of power transformer is 0.3-0.5mm thick cold gadolinium silicon steel sheet. At present, only wuhan iron and steel and Shanghai baosteel can produce this kind of cold gadolinium silicon steel sheet. But large transformers are also imported from Japan.

2. Structure of iron core.

(1) single-phase two-column iron core for various single-phase transformers.

(2) single phase column side yoke type iron core, used for high-voltage large-capacity single-phase transformer.

(3) single phase two-column yoke type iron core for high voltage and ultra-high voltage single phase transformer.

(4) three-phase three-column is an iron core for various three-phase transformers.

(5) five-pillar iron core for large-capacity three-phase transformer.

Oil tank of oil-immersed transformer.

1. Drum tank is mainly used for various small oil-immersed transformers and super large oil-immersed transformers.

2. Bell jar oil tank is widely used in 110~500kV oil-immersed transformer.

3. The all-sealed oil tank, which is about to be welded to death, has only been used in 110kV and above oil-immersed transformer in recent years.

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