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The Principle Of The Sound Of The Vacuum Pump
- Feb 27, 2017 -
A vacuum pump is a variable capacity mechanical vacuum pump that utilizes the rotor and the rotational movement of the rotary blade that can slide in the rotor slot to obtain a vacuum. When using the working fluid to lubricate and fill the pump cavity dead space, separated from the exhaust valve and the atmosphere, is commonly known as the oil seal vane vacuum pump. No working fluid, that is, dry rotary vane vacuum pump, will introduce another page.

In the oil seal rotary vane vacuum pump, the domestic custom is called the belt drive for the rotary vane vacuum pump, and the pump directly connected with the motor or connected with a coupling called the rotary vane vacuum pump. In each pump, there are single and two levels of points. In the single-stage pump, due to the choice of the structure and parameters are different, the pump limit pressure and use are also different.