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The Working Principle Of The Composition Of The Oil Flow Relay
- Jul 03, 2017 -

Oil flow relay is used to monitor the oil flow in the transformer cooler. The same time as the above-

When the oil flow reaches a certain value (action oil flow), the relay within the relay rotation, through the magnetic force to make the instructions part of the synchronous rotation, the signal connection connected to the normal signal, When the oil flow is reduced to a certain value (return oil flow), the moving plate returns a fault signal. Oil flow relay works

With the development of science and technology, oil flow relay also achieved a digital control, the current comparison of new oil flow relay for the new digital oil relay, which includes oil flow transmitter, sensor, display controller. The display includes a control box, a display, and an integrated circuit board; the sensor comprises a bracket, a permanent magnet, a coil and a soft iron probe; the display controller includes a control box, a display, and an integrated circuit board; The transmitter and the display controller are connected to the sensor. The same time as the above-

Digital oil flow relay oil pump pipeline in the oil flow into electrical signals, by the microcontroller and its electronic circuit calculation, control, display, oil flow digital display, high precision, sensitive control, anti-oil shock strong, safe and reliable The

Oil flow relay

Take a digital oil flow relay that monitors the oil pump cooling system as an example:

Which comprises an oil flow sensor mounted in an oil pump line, characterized in that it further comprises an oil flow sensor and an oil flow display controller, wherein: A, the oil flow transmitter comprises a cylinder, a sleeve, a pulley, a pulsator A pulley frame, a fastener, a sleeve in the middle of the barrel, the pulley frame being fixed in the barrel, the pulsator and its pulsator mounted on the wheel sheave; B, the flow sensor comprises a bracket, a permanent magnet, a coil, The stent is fastened together with the sleeve, and the center of the bracket is provided with a small step hole on the upper and lower sides. The soft iron probe is mounted on the bracket stage, and the coil is wound outside the permanent magnet, together with the permanent magnet, C, oil flow display controller, including control box, display, circuit board, the display installed in the control box on the panel, the circuit board installed in the control box, the display control circuit is set on the circuit board, display control circuit D, the control box and the bracket fixed, the oil flow sensor coil of the wire head of the wire, the use of pulse shaper, single-chip CPU, electrically erasable control memory, displays, alarms, relays and conventional electronic components; And connected to the display control circuit.