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Transformer Butterfly Valves And Pressure Relief Valve Difference
- Jul 12, 2017 -

The pressure relief valve of the oil-immersed transformer is a safety device installed on the transformer. When the internal pressure of the transformer is less than the limit value, such as 35 kPa, it is in the closed state. When the transformer internal fault occurs, a large number of transformer oil is pyrolyzed at high temperature to produce large amount of gas , The pressure inside the tank increases sharply. When the pressure of the pressure relief valve is exceeded, the pressure relief valve is opened, and the internal oil and gas are spilled to release the pressure to prevent the tank from cracking or permanent deformation due to the high internal pressure. When the internal pressure of the transformer tank is over and the internal pressure of the tank is reduced below the pressure relief valve, it will automatically shut down to prevent the outside air or moisture from entering the tank.

The Transformer Butterfly Valves is usually fitted between the oil tank of the oil-immersed transformer and the heat sink to control the oil flow between the transformer tank and the heat sink. When large power transformers are shipped, the heat sinks are usually packaged separately to reduce the size of the transport. At this time the Transformer Butterfly Valves closed to prevent the outside air or moisture into the transformer tank inside, when the transformer is transported to the installation site, the radiator installed one by one on the Transformer Butterfly Valves. When the radiator can be installed after the opening of the Transformer Butterfly Valves, so that between the transformer tank and the radiator flow can flow, which play a role in heat.

When the transformer is running when the radiator found seepage phenomenon, you can turn off the butterfly valve, to avoid further leakage of transformer oil, and can replace the new radiator.