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Transformer Coil Copper Winding And Aluminum Winding Difference?
- Feb 27, 2017 -

1, for special purposes, special occasions, the use of transformers, the proposed selection of high reliability, high mechanical strength, smaller size of the copper winding transformer. For example: open and close the use of electric transformers, elevator shaft lighting with line lights and so on. Not to say that other power supply programs and other materials produced by the poor equipment, compared to, after years of testing proved: high-quality linear power supply and reliability is still relatively high.

2, the general purpose of the residents of the lighting transformer, and even contains a class of load part of the transformer, can use aluminum coil power transformer. Its benefits are self-evident. We are scruples is its winding duty factor, winding strength, anti-short circuit anti-overcurrent capacity, weather resistance indicators, outlet oxygen index indicators and so on. Over the years the use of aluminum winding transformer is not wrong, but the oil-type more common dry type rare.