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Transformer Oil Pump Are Widely Used As A New Product
- Jul 12, 2017 -

In fact, the current domestic and foreign pump products to high-speed, efficient direction. Appropriate high-speed Transformer Oil Pump is not only efficient and small size, good operating stability. Of course, low speed can improve the bearing operating life. But with the impeller diameter increases, the balance problem will be more prominent, especially as a blade pump blade mold, twist angle consistency in the process of error is inevitable, these are the key factors affecting the stability of the operation, Will reduce the bearing operating life. At present, many domestic units supporting a large number of axial air gap (disc motor) motor-driven disc transformer oil pump (this pump is suitable for low-speed 1000 rpm / min), such problems will become more prominent. Because the axial magnetism of the disc motor is very strong (it is by the rotation of the axial magnetic force of the magnetic coupling to rotate the rotor to complete the power conversion.) Axial magnetic pull will make the bearing wear The amount of gap directly into the fixed, the gap between the rotor to reduce, until the fixed, the rotor iron and iron strong friction. (Disc motor is very suitable for making the brake motor: fixed, the rotor between the installation of brake pads, power brakes, loss of power free rotation.) Therefore, a large number of foreign commonly used or traditional three-phase asynchronous motor design of ordinary Transformer Oil Pump. Only we are still the disc motor transformer oil pump as a new product to be widely used. If the operation to ignore the tight monitoring of the bearing, with the structure of the pump running time accumulated, the probability of accidents will increase. Japan's production of this disc-type Transformer Oil Pump its instructions on the bearing maintenance of a more space to explain, and introduced the formula is as follows:

Lh = (106 / 60N) (C / Prfw) 3a1 a2 a3

L: rated life (hr); N: speed (rot / min); C: rated load (kg); Pr: equivalent bearing load (kg);

F0: load factor; a1: reliability coefficient; a2: lubrication coefficient; a3: material coefficient;

The above formula even if the recommended value of each parameter, because of its choice of materials, environmental, manufacturing process and so on factors, it is difficult to accurately calculate the operating life of the pump. According to my opinion, the actual is to the responsibility to the user.

China's traditional 1450 r / min (4-pole motor) pump, or even 2860 r / min (2-pole motor) transformer oil pump in some varieties of running performance is very good, some products have been running for 20 years, is still running well. Therefore, the key is good, professional manufacturing quality and operation and maintenance. Not because of some quality problems, on the overall negation, in fact, some operating units of the maintenance experience and opinions are quite worthy of respect.

The 6B4 and 6B5 types of the ordinary transformer oil pump have been put into operation at a low speed of 1000 rpm (6-pole motor). However, due to the low input time, it is considered that only the 6PB type disc pump is the low speed pump. In fact, between the two in the hydraulic parameters, installation size, the main performance can be replaced.