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Transformer Oil Pump Structure
- Jul 03, 2017 -

Transformer oil pump, also known as submersible pump. Why is it called a submersible pump because its motor and its pump are completely submerged in a sealed structure filled with transformer oil, and it is directly connected to the oil system inside the transformer. Transformer pumps are components that are designed to provide hydrodynamic circulation for forced oil circulation cooling systems for large (typically 120MVA, 220kV and above) transformers in operation. It is the only rotating machine in a transformer oil system. Transformer pumps are typically installed at the lower end of a strong oil cooler, or between piping radiators and tubing tubing, to act as an important fluid power cycle in forced air circulation.

For such a structural principle is not complicated, and the function and reliability of the power transformer is very important to the operation of the components, how to correctly understand and match it, how to correct the application and fault diagnosis to ensure its long-term reliable operation, it is A problem that can not be ignored. Based on the experience of operation and management over the years, the author makes a brief description on the structure, characteristics, matching and application of the domestic transformer oil pump.

First, the structure of the transformer oil pump

Structural definition of transformer oil pump

Transformer The oil pump is a fully sealed structure with a built-in submersible running three-phase asynchronous motor mounted on a straight shaft with a centrifugal or axial flow vane pump, dedicated to conveying transformer insulation oil medium fluid machinery.

At present, the structure of the transformer pump produced at home and abroad are generally as follows:

1, according to the pump leaves the form of division

① centrifugal transformer oil pump: equipped with centrifugal vane pump, generally applicable to the transformer strong oil air cooler;

② axial flow transformer oil pump: equipped with axial vane pump, generally suitable for low head, high flow, low oil resistance of the transformer chip radiator cooling system, can do a variety of cooling forms of switching options: when the pump stops When running, the pump is only equivalent to a low resistance pipe connection section, when the transformer can do ONAN (self-cooling) or ONAF (air-cooled) operation. When the pump is running, can do OFAF (strong air-cooled) operation, greatly improve the cooling efficiency, temperature coefficient C value decreased significantly.

2, according to the drive motor structure:

① conventional induction three-phase asynchronous motor driven ordinary transformer pump;

② disc type motor (axial air gap) driven disc transformer oil pump.

The difference between the two structures is mainly driven by the motor, the use of the function, the installation size, the form is exactly the same.

① - bearing ② - impeller ③ - rotor ④ - stator ⑤ - shaft