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Vacuum Pump Drive Mode Features
- Feb 27, 2017 -

Concerned about the vacuum pump drive mode can be noted that the overall pumping speed and pressure range is proportional to the relationship between the two should be in each part to achieve a more coordinated effect. And from the overall wheel side can be noted that the equipment in the geometric symmetry of the wheel is often good, so in the course of the operation is also very smooth, and the overall fault sound is very low, in a lower noise range The

In the actual equipment used in the process, the specific pump cavity is not required to paint any of the internal, so the overall effect of the protection of the vacuum is also good. The pump cavity in the structure is also very simple, there is no compression and exhaust valve aspects of the design, each part is able to operate better. And in the actual hydrogen pumping effect can be noted that this part of the pumping effect is often not so ideal.

So the characteristics of the vacuum pump transmission mode is able to better grasp, hope that every friend in life can better understand them. And in the surface of the rotor and the various parts can be noted that in each respect are very complex, so that processing will be more difficult to check, so the actual operation of the time should also be better to consider these things, to understand each part The information.

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