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VII. Transformer Bushing
- May 21, 2018 -

VII. Transformer bushing

1, 40kV and below pure porcelain insulating sleeve

This type of bushing has two types of guide rod type and threading type. The guide rod type is used for the low-voltage bushing of the transformer; the cable-through type is used for the high-voltage outlet of 10~20kV.

2, 40kV and below high current bushing

This type of bushing has a guide rod type and a capacitive type. Guide bushings are used for the low voltage winding outlet of medium-capacity generator transformers, and capacitive bushings are used for the winding of low-voltage windings of large generator transformers.

3, 66kV and above paper-paper capacitor sleeve

The inner insulation of the bushing is a capacitor core formed by alternate winding of insulation paper and aluminum foil. The insulation core is filled with insulating oil between the capacitor core and the porcelain bushing. The connection between the bushing and the winding is the guide rod type and the threading type. Kind of structure.

4, 66kV and above tapes

The inner insulation of the sleeve is a capacitor core formed by alternately winding adhesive paper and aluminum foil. The capacitor core and the porcelain sleeve are filled with insulating oil, and the lower part of the sleeve does not need a porcelain sleeve. However, the tanδ of such a bushing is large, and the adhesive paper is prone to cracks and generates partial discharge, and production has been stopped at present.

5, resin cast capacitive bushing

The main insulation of this type of bushing is also a capacitor core formed by alternate winding of insulating paper and aluminum foil, and then the epoxy resin is poured outside to become a solid insulation bushing. This type of bushing can be used as an oil-gas bushing, with the upper part nested in the GIS pipe, filled with SF6 gas, and the lower part immersed in the transformer oil.

1, pressure adjustment

Transformer voltage regulator with or without excitation voltage regulator two. No-excitation voltage regulation, also known as no-load voltage regulation, is to perform voltage regulation when the transformer is stopped and no load is being applied. On-load voltage regulation is to operate the voltage regulator under the condition that the transformer is operating with a load. The non-excitation voltage regulator is called the no-load tap changer; the on-load voltage regulator is called the on-load tap changer.

2, load pressure regulator position

Transformer on-load voltage regulation of the position of the neutral pressure regulator, the pressure adjustment of the end of the pressure line and the high voltage coil end voltage regulator three. Among them, the structure and process of neutral pressure regulation are relatively simple and the application is also relatively large.

3, on-load voltage regulator switch

The pressure regulator also taps the switch. At present, the quality of on-load tap-changers produced in China is not good enough, and most of the on-load tap-changers are reliant on imports, among which more are imported from German MR and Swedish ABB companies.


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