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Where Is The Transformer Oil Pump Suitable For?
- May 26, 2017 -

Transformer oil pump for large and medium-sized power transformers, rectifier transformers, reactors, electric locomotive traction transformers and other special transformer forced oil circulation cooling system.

At present, the domestic commonly used disc motor transformer pump axial air gap sensor disc motor directly embedded in the pump shell assembly, the motor rotor installed in the pump impeller, the composition of the pump as a whole. When running the pump, the axial electromagnetic force of the pump motor can reduce the impact of the axial load on the impeller and improve the service life of the bearing. The disc-type electromechanical transformer pump pump housing is made of steel plate welding and is designed with minimal seal structure. Compared with the traditional centrifugal oil pump, the series has the advantages of short axial dimension, compact structure and reasonable operation, long service life, low noise, compact structure, high efficiency, light weight, no leakage and easy maintenance Features. The disadvantage is the need to manually monitor the operation to prevent the rotor down, causing failure.

According to the working principle can be divided into: centrifugal transformer oil pump for the transformer strong oil air cooler; axial flow transformer oil pump (low head, large flow) for transformer chip radiator. According to the drive motor structure: the traditional three-phase asynchronous motor dedicated submersible design of the ordinary transformer oil pump and axial air gap (disc motor) motor-driven disc transformer pump. Foreign is still widely used in large quantities or traditional three-phase asynchronous motor designed for ordinary transformer oil pump, but the main domestic still use the disk motor pump.

Product related parameters

Ambient temperature: -30 ℃ ~ 50 ℃

Conveying liquid: transformer oil

Transformer oil pump inlet oil temperature is the highest: 95 ℃, the lowest: higher than the transformer oil freezing point 5 ℃.

Power supply for the three-phase AC, rated voltage of 380V, rated frequency of 50Hz.

Work: continuous operation.

Oil pump bearings in the normal use of maintenance conditions, operating life of at least 5 years.