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Zhejiang ERG Co,.Ltd. Electric Power Signed A Cooperation Agreement With Tongji University Rail Transportation Research Institute
- May 02, 2018 -

Zhejiang ERG Co., Ltd. electric power signed a cooperation agreement with Tongji University Rail Transportation Research Institute

2017-07-13 Erg Technology



On July 10th, Ergonomics and the Institute of Railway and Urban Rail Transit of Tongji University signed a technical cooperation agreement. The cooperation period lasted for five years. It mainly achieved technical cooperation on key components in the field of rail transit and power control systems to achieve win-win cooperation and guidance at home and abroad. Advanced equipment manufacturing, improve the level of technology research and development, and better expand the world of rail transit equipment.

Tongji University is a 110-year-old research-oriented, comprehensive and famous institution of higher learning. The Tongji University Institute of Railways and Urban Rail Transit was the only company in China that merged with Railroad University of Shanghai and Tongji University in 2000. It is the only company in China that carries out rail transportation personnel training, scientific and technological research, cultural heritage, and foreign exchange and social services. College. For a long time, the institute has maintained close cooperation with rail transit-related enterprises and institutions such as China Railway Group and China National Railway Corporation. It has made great contributions to the development of China's rail transit industry, enjoying a high reputation in the industry and receiving universal social support. Accredited.

Prior to the conference, a group of experts from the Institute of Railway and Urban Rail Transmit of Tongji University visited our company and inspected production workshops and test equipment. We fully affirmed and highly evaluated Erg's R&D, production capacity and quality control. And we appreciate the unique selection of our oil pump for the “Fuxing No. 1” and the winning bids for the high-speed rail project along the way. The signing of the cooperation agreement between the two parties will inject new technical force into our company. By 2018, we plan to expand the intention to introduce new projects to rail transit. Through continuous scientific research and exchange, the strategic cooperation between the two parties will surely bear fruitful results.

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